As a fitness professional you know the benefits to exercise. The general public also knows the benefit but for some there is a barrier to actually get the body moving. You can break through their barriers to exercise by making your classes stimulating in some way. The people who attend your class come for a very specific reason or they would just follow a video at home. They come because there is something you offer them that they get addicted to. Therefore, the most important aspect of your class becomes creating an experience.

What is your class’ experience?

No matter what you teach whether it’s Zumba, yoga, or a step class, whether it’s a huge class of 50 people or a private session with one, you should be providing  your paying customers with something they can’t get somewhere else. Some teachers focus on an intense workout, choreography of the moves, or the mind/body connection, while others can simply leverage the class experience by using their personality to inspire or entertain. Whatever you believe your edge to be, begin to write it out so you can not only cultivate your edge but you can exploit it in your marketing.

How to increase your class’ experience
To increase the effectiveness of your personal edge there are skills you can add to your personal package that can make your students even more addicted to you…

Increase your knowledge in your field. Every bit of knowledge you can squeeze into your head will keep you fresh and will help your perception of knowledge. When your class thinks you know everything, they will trust you. In turn they will give you all their effort and see results that will add to your class’ experience.

Make connections. You would be surprised how simple knowing someone’s name can be in creating relationships. When your students feel connected to you, their experience is enhanced because they feel you as the teacher have a vested interest in their wellbeing. Aside from knowing names, touching through adjustments, allowing time for questions and simply making eye contact will create a community of people who can’t live without you.

Be the real you. Making connections works best when you are your authentic self. A phony face you put on for class will only deter people from coming. Instead be true to you and let people fall in love with the teacher in front of them.

Be prepared. The most important aspect of teaching a successful class is being prepared. Your music, your sequence and your props all need to be seamless so your class gets an effective workout and so you can be completely present with your class. When distracted by the radio system, trying to figure out what to do next or taking extra time to grab props from a closet will lower your perception of knowledge and take away from their workout experience. A class can feel when you aren’t prepared and it takes away from your professionalism.

Be flexible. Even though it’s important to be as prepared as you can be, you also can’t be so ridged in your plan that you get stuck. Nothing really ever goes to plan which is why you need to be present with your class and roll with your students’ needs.

Think about how you cultivate your class room experience. This will be your ticket to success.